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for growing businesses

You’re not in the business of bookkeeping services Abu Dhabi, but lucky for you, we are!

Rest assured your accounts are in safe hands, we provide you accurate records allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Why should Demand a CFO be your Book Keeper

Accurate Record

Get appropriate and timely books delivered to you on a monthly basis using best accounting softwares and bookkeeping Services Abu Dhabi.

Expert partnership

Get accounting experts assigned to your business. Beyond managing your books and taxes, we help you with financial best practices, and more.

Built for growing businesses

Accrual based accounting and monthly cash burn rate reports. We can help with clear dashboards and reporting tools to allow you to focus on business growth

Full service as a strategic partner

Beyond accounting and bookkeeping Services, we’re here for your growing organizational needs. With our CFO Services, we support everything from filing business income taxes, valuations, due diligence, policies and procedures, full organizational transformation, to supporting an exit strategy.

DemandaCFO is as easy as

Meet your dedicated account manager

Get to know your account manager who in reality is a key member of your organization moving forward.

Send your transaction

Agree with your account manager the best and most suitable way for transaction sharing approach and frequency

Get your monthly reporting

on a monthly basis, your account manager will send you your profit and loss statement, your balance sheet, and high level reporting. You can update your service to include, inventory, AP/AR, and additional services.

Additional Services from your CFO

Your CFO can help you put a budget in place, create policies and procedures, engage in valuations, or provide guidance and business advise as and when needed

Frequently asked questions

For any additional clarification please contact us at

How does our pricing package work?

Our plans are based on a one off setup fee (Non-refundable) and a monthly subscription fee that gives your the freedom to cancel or upgrade anytime within a 30 day notice. See our pricing page for more details.

How can I start with DemandaCFO?

Simply Signup and fill all required fields and your account manager will get in touch with you. If you prefer to have a discussion first, please contact

Is support included?

Definitely, we are here to support and depending on your plan there is an allowable time allocated for you. Your dedicated finance account manager is happy to answer any questions you might have. See our pricing page for more details.

What’s the difference between accrual bookkeeping and cash bookkeeping?

Cash method simply tracks when money is spent and received in your bank account. Accrual method is a more commonly acceptable approach where your expenses and revenues are booked when owed or earned.

Are AP/AR services included?

They are not included by default, but you can add them to any plan. Please ask your account manager for details.

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